Final Edition Mini Technical Data

Below are extracts from the final edition Rover Mini sales brochure stating both the engine performance data and also the car dimensions for both non-sports pack models and the Cooper Sport / 500 models.

The mini MPi models were never approved by MG Rover as a vehicle suitable for towing, so no such data appears to exist for the MPi mini. However, only MPi minis registered for road use from and including 1st August 1998 are illegal to fit a tow bar to for towing as from this date a car has to be 'type approved' as does the tow bar, and none that are compliant exist for the mini. Minis that were registered for road use before 1st August 1998 can be fitted with a tow bar. The weight of a mini varies, most of the later Rover cars weigh around 690kg, so any trailer or caravan will have to be very lightweight to be towed safely.